Why First ACH?

Peace of mind, payment after payment
What does better payments really mean?

At First ACH, we claim to provide better payments. Is it just a tagline or is it a reality that can help your business operate more efficiently and achieve a better bottom line? Does it matter who you select for your ACH payment processing? Decide for yourself.

Better Payments means your satisfaction is guaranteed – really!

Have you noticed how a lot of people love to guarantee your satisfaction? It’s a buzzphrase that gets tossed around a lot, but at First ACH, we really mean it.

How can we guarantee your satisfaction? We’re so confident in our ability to provide you with excellent electronic payment services that we offer a completely risk-free 30 day ACH Processing trial.

That’s right – no cancellation penalty, no termination fees, all you pay is the fees associated with any processed payments. If you’re still not over the moon for us after a month, we’ll let you go – no questions asked.

How can we possibly afford to go around offering no obligation 30-day trials?

Because we’ve been around long enough to know what works for our clients (that’s you!). That makes us pretty sure you’ll be thrilled enough with First ACH to grow with us long-term.

Better Payments means our people are better

Our people are awesome. Just call one of our customer service reps and you’ll see what we mean. By hiring friendly, driven, teamwork-oriented individuals, our First ACH family has become a streamlined team of customer advocates. Better Payments means more speed

Your time is beyond precious – it’s pure gold. We know you don’t have hours to spend on ACH processing, and that when you need answers, you need them now.

Our team is trained to “speed to the root resolution.” That means we’ll find a solution that works for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. In fact, First ACH can have new customers processing transactions in as little as 15 minutes. Really!

Better payments means payment simplicity

Payments should be easy and effortless. Seamless and streamlined processes, intuitive tools, fast access and efficient solutions allow you to focus on your business, and let us worry about the payments.

Better payments means better functionality

Our tools are feature-rich, flexible, and oh-so-functional. Intuitive payment processing and one-click reporting capability will have you breezing through your First ACH account in no time flat.

Our commitment to innovation and flexibility means that we’ll work with you to tailor our tools to fit your needs. It’s essential that our platform is able to serve the individualized needs of your business, and we’ve developed the power to do just that. Tell us what you’re looking for, and chances are good that we can make it happen.

Better Payments means a better price

We’re beyond confident that our pricing is super competitive and completely cost effective, whatever your needs may be.

Better Payments means a better bottom line for your company.

When we get things right by providing a satisfaction guarantee, an outstanding staff, speed, simplicity, better functionality and better price – your company can achieve a better bottom line. It’s that simple.

Call us and test our commitment for yourself – we can’t wait to knock your socks off with better payments!