Real-Time Reporting System

Always know where your money is

Better payments means offering an utterly awesome reporting tool that provides comprehensive, accurate, real-time data whenever you need it most.

Our reporting tool is available through myFirstACH, and lets you keep track of your money while getting the information you need to keep your business in business.

Answer questions from your colleagues and management at lightning speed while providing accurate, tier 1 support to your customers.

With our real-time reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to answer transaction questions in mere seconds (and look like a semi-psychic superhero in the process!)

Reporting Tool Snapshot:
System Availability: Available 24/7
Report Delay: None. All reports are real-time.
Data Export Format: CSV
Data Storage: Lifetime
API: Yes

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If a good reporting system is important to you, open an account with First ACH today.

If a good reporting system is not important to you, that’s just weird