Say “I do!” to an ACH API from First ACH

What it is and why you need it

A marriage is a beautiful thing. Say “I do” to our ACH API solution, which merges your website, software and system solutions with our powerful First ACH Payment Gateway.

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to create a seamless interface between your company and ours -- connect your company’s proprietary interface directly to our payment gateway and process payments using your existing sales process.

Forget the expensive tux rentals and the overpriced salmon - all you need to begin this marriage is a live Internet connection.

Do you take this Payment Gateway to be your lawfully-wedded ACH processing solution?

Super-sweet perks:
  • Manage transactions from within your proprietary account database.
  • Instantly process transactions without entering customer data over and over again.
  • Eliminate the errors that result from using multiple points of data entry.
  • Submit transactions for processing as they occur, instead of waiting to upload a batch.
  • Receive updates on your transactions and monitor payments in your own system.
  • Enjoy free technical support.

Who’s using API?
  • Businesses that need seamless payment integration with their current business system.
  • Merchants who wish to enable customer initiated payments from within their own software or website.
  • Companies that require custom features not available from typical ACH processors.

What can API do for you?
  • Incorporate ACH payment functionality into another software product so it can be positioned to a niche market.
  • Create programming that calculates and auto-creates transactions to support deposits across multiple accounts.
  • Connect your national network to a single processing system, consolidating funds while allowing each area to manage their own transactions.
  • Create the custom solutions and features you need for your business.

Like marriage, API integration benefits from good planning. If this sounds like what your company needs, let’s talk about it. Give our experts a call

Ready right now? Take the plunge