myFirstACH: your one-stop shop for payment processing

Instantly access your virtual terminal with a single click.

Your myFirstACH account is a one-stop processing shop that allows you to manage every facet of your payments within a single, comprehensive dashboard.

Super streamlined, myFirstACH is the powerful go-to processing mechanism used by thousands of merchants all across the country.

With myFirstACH, you can:
  • Initiate ACH/eCHeck transactions in seconds
  • Adjust or cancel transactions with just a few clicks
  • Generate detailed reports filtered by customer, date, transaction type and more
  • Investigate rejected transactions through our activity reports
  • Add new customers and manage existing customer information
  • Send email receipts to yourself and to your customers
  • Assign different permissions to each user
  • Establish recurring and future payments at intervals of your choosing
  • Upload multiple payments simultaneously using our handy spreadsheet tool

You asked for a versatile, feature-rich tool accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection...

...We answered by providing 24/7 online access with multiple login access points!

myFirstACH can be simultaneously accessed by clerks to enter payments, the accounting department to manage and review payments, the finance department to analyze revenue, the marketing department to monitor campaign results and the executive team to oversee company performance. Exercise pinpoint control over multiple users with our variable permission capabilities.

myFirstACH offers faster processing, streamlined payments, and an integrated account overview that allows you to make savvy decisions about the direction of your company.

Amp up your competitive edge with myFirstACH.

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