First ACH For Your Industry

Is lower-cost ACH processing right for your business?

You want to get paid by ACH. Why? Because it’s less expensive, that’s why!

But is your company a good fit for ACH payment processing?

Do you...

  • Have customers with checking accounts?
  • Sell goods or services online, by phone or by mail?
  • Begin the relationship with a substantive customer interaction?
  • Form ongoing relationships with your customers?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, our ACH processing solution could be an awesome fit for you.

The industries served by ACH payment processing include (but are not limited to):

Property Management – When your new tenant signs their lease, they can also fill out an ACH authorization form. Automatically debit their account each month and never deal with another late rent check!

Health Club – Add an ACH form to your new member kit and automatically collect monthly membership fees (especially handy for when your customers become strong enough to beat you up).

Daycare – Parents of young children have enough to worry about without cutting checks and making on-time monthly payments. Save them the hassle by having them sign a one-time authorization form and automatically debiting their account each month.

Security Alarm Monitoring – This type of business is a great fit for ACH payment processing. Include an ACH authorization form in your new account kit and you can bill your customers automatically each month for the length of the monitoring relationship.

Doctors/Dentists – With a signed ACH authorization form as part of your new patient kit, you can simply debit your patients’ checking account for any outstanding balances. Save time hounding people for past due payments and save money by not having to hire a collection agency.

Home Cleaning- What happens if you’re cleaning and the client isn’t there to pay you, or if they forget to leave you a check? You’re out of money, that’s what! With a signed ACH authorization form, you’ll get paid for routine or sudden cleaning, even if your customer is MIA.

Lawn Care/Maintenance- When your client signs up for ACH payment processing, you can easily and reliably collect your payment each month. Get back to what really matters – greenifying that luscious lawn!

Accountant/Bookkeeper – Accountants adore ACH. Simply add an ACH authorization form to the 10,000 IRS forms you already give your clients and bill them for your services as needed. Accountants typically have higher dollar transactions, so the money you’ll save with lower ACH processing costs adds up fast.

Debt Collection—We can’t convince your clients to pay their bills, but we can help you minimize their excuses by offering an ACH payment option. If they have a bank account, we can collect their payment.

Online Sales – If you’re selling a product or service online, First ACH CheckOut will enable your customers to quickly and securely enter their checking account information, allowing you to process a one-time or recurring payment. ACH is also great for mail order sales and telephone sales!

Technological advances have made ACH payment processing more popular than ever. If your customer has a checking account, you can take advantage of this simple payment solution online, in person or over the phone.

Is your company ready to take its payment solution to the next level?

Let’s do this thing.