First ACH Designed For Use With QuickBooks®

Combine bookkeeping and payment processing with our feature-rich accounting app

Do you love QuickBooks® but hate wasting time manually synchronizing your favorite software with your payment solution?

Poof! Your problem is solved!

Our application lets you process ACH and credit card transactions directly through your QuickBooks® interface without ever leaving the application. Use our app to automatically track payments, refunds and voids, and update your QuickBooks® account in real time. Our seamless, secure integration eliminates the pain of double data entry, saving you hours per day.

  • Eliminate time-consuming data entry by processing payments directly from invoices
  • Process sales receipts
  • Process multiple invoices
  • Process recurring payments
  • Process refunds and voids
  • Create flexible, scalable solutions with single user and enterprise applications
  • Automatically apply transactions and post them to QuickBooks
  • Provide personal installation instruction, free one-on-one training and technical support whenever you need it

It pays to pay with a credit card. First ACH Designed for Use with QuickBooks®:
  • Is PABP-validated (Visa Payment Application Best Practices).
  • Utilizes a PCI DSS Level I compliant payment gateway.
  • Provides real-time transaction details and database management via myFirstACH.
  • Offers rapid processing times with immediate approval and decline code notifications, including voids and returns.
  • Generates automatic batching through our host-based platforms.
  • Imports transactions processed through POS terminals, smartphones, PDAs, and pocket PCs.
  • Supports Bluetooth® and USB-enabled magstripe card readers and printers, giving you seriously reduced card swipe rates.
  • Seamlessly imports business data from e-commerce, wireless, and IP terminals.
  • Is compatible with all QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and Enterprise Editions.

To take advantage of First ACH Designed for use with QuickBooks®, you need to have a First ACH account and an approved version of QuickBooks® (sold separately).

To turn your QuickBooks® software into a payment processing powerhouse, set up your First ACH account today.