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ACH and electronic payment news that’s much more exciting than it sounds.

People have been paying for goods and services since the dawn of time. Historically, payment processing was incredibly boring and involved handing over a Greek Drachma or a gold doubloon in exchange for a horse.

Today, payment processing is a lot more interesting. Payments are being made on a global scale, at lightning speed and evolving constantly.

Here's what's happening at First ACH and around the world:

At First ACH:

Date What Happened
October 12, 2013 First ACH launches new brand and updated website and updated product set. View Pricing

Around the world:

Date Source Title
April 30, 2014 Business Wire Real-Time, ACH Payments Will Become Reality Within the Next Two Years
April 7, 2014 NACHA ACH Volume Grows to Nearly 22 Billion Payments in 2013
Jan-April 2014 Econsouth How We Pay – Results from the Federal Reserve Latest Payment Study
October 11, 2013 CNBC News Paying With Cash costs Americans $200 billion a year
October 11, 2013 Mad Mobile News Smartphones Boost Mobile Payment Numbers Worldwide
October 10, 2013 Visa Consumers Rack up $1 Billion in Online Spend Per Day