Return Protection Service

How to Protect Yourself from Bad Checks...
Why You Need Return Protection Service (RPS)

In business, some risks are easier to control than others.

For example, there’s not much you can do to prevent a meteorite from falling through your ceiling and damaging your beautiful new flat screen television.

But what about the risk of accepting a bad check?

More than 450 million bad checks are written in the United States every year, causing large and small businesses to lose billions of dollars.

There’s nothing more frustrating than making good on your promise to deliver a quality product or service, only to be bamboozled by a shady check-writer.

Luckily the chance of accepting a bad check is one risk that’s easy to minimize thanks to First ACH’s Return Protection Service (RPS) program.

Before you accept a check, RPS will perform a triple verification process using 3 separate national databases.

We will:

  • Verify that the checking account is open
  • Make sure the account number is valid
  • Ensure that the account actually has money in it

With RPS by your side, you can screen out up to 90% of bad check writers before you even process a payment!

What’s more, RPS works to screen bad checks no matter how your customer chooses to pay. You can:

  • Enter the payment yourself via myFirstACH (our online customer interface), or
  • Let your customer enter their payment online (via First ACH Checkout )

Either way, RPS will automatically engage and block any suspect checksbefore your customer has an opportunity to walk off with your stuff.

Using the real-time verification capabilities of RPS, you can then request another form of payment from your customer, or show him the door and cancel the transaction altogether.

With RPS, you will save money, avoid check reject fees, and eliminate the hassle of chasing after deadbeat customers.

Get peace of mind and protect your business with First ACH Return Protection Service (RPS). RPS is available on every First ACH account. Open an account today.