Credit Card Processing

Give your customers the freedom of choice with painless credit card processing.

Accepting credit card payments doesn’t have to be a nightmare, a hassle, or a tear-your-hair out headache. First ACH offers all-inclusive ecommerce credit card processing solutions that give your customers the freedom and flexibility they need to make payments, their way.

With the addition of our merchant services credit card processing feature, your customers will be able to choose from a low-cost ACH/eCheck option or pay with their Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® or American Express® every time they make a payment.

With First ACH, you can accept credit card payments via:

Dying to know the ins and outs of how a credit card transaction actually works? Let us fascinate you.
While accepting credit card payments is easy as pie, there’s still a lot of powerful processing that goes on behind the scenes. When you sign up for a credit card processing account, you’re also getting:

  • A merchant account, which is a bank account established by us on your behalf so that you can accept credit card payments.
  • A Payment Gateway to ensure secure, efficient processing between leviathan payment networks like Visa® and MasterCard® and you.
  • Unlimited access to the myFirstACH virtual terminal, where you’re the wizard of your payment world 24/7. Manage and create payments, edit customer records, generate reports, and take control of your payment processing destiny.

Yeah, but is it secure? Yes! Learn about Credit Card Security At First ACH.


Your customers need the flexibility that credit card processing provides. Add the credit card option to your First ACH account today.


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